Hidden Hearth 2023

Hidden Hearth 2023

It was a real delight to attend Hidden Hearth this past weekend. The festival is an autumnal festival of arts, widom and wellbeing held at Lisnavagh House. 

My good friend Daniel Baillieul from Back to Grá asked me to take a photos of his mens’ circle. While there it was hard to resist taking more photos of the delightful people and wonderful experiences. The below is only a small sample of the beautiful and wholesome Hidden Hearth 2023.

Featured images from:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Mens Circle – Back to Grá
  • Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath – Nicky Halliday & Blaithnaid Boyle
  • Intro to Irish Shamanism – John Cantwell
  • Tau and the Drones of Praise
  • Navigating Alchemy Breatwork – Mary O’ Loan
  • Bog Bodies
  • Rave in the Woods – DJ ELFÉ
  • The Growler


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Hidden Hearth 2023

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