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Osprey Spa Photo Shoot

An old photography mentor of mine often used to say that photography is about when you press the button. I think about this often when I’m doing a shoot. When I was shooting the fabulous Osprey Spa I thought of all the ingredients that had to be put in place before I pressed the button. I was delighted to be commissioned for the job. All photo shoots are teamwork. This one was no different.

It all starts with a decision to renovate the old spa. Then there’s the architects – Hugh Wallace in this case. The builders. Interior design and décor. Hotel and spa management. Countless people have put their minds and hands to a project before the shoot day.

Spa Photo shoot

The shoot days

A full day was commissioned to shoot all the areas of the spa. We had a strong team in place. Sales and marketing and support from PREM group and the Osprey hotel, Spa management and team, Grace Connell to model and myself, Tadhg Nathan Photography, to press the button.

The brief was to shoot all the areas of the spa and to have a few images immediately available for the press release announcing the opening of the new spa.

My old mentor also used to say, “you have to be ready to turn on a dime”. That is so true! Every photoshoot is a creative process and things can change 180 degrees in a moment. A shoot is at its best when the ideas are flowing. Sometimes a complete change of direction is needed. Sometimes it’s a tweak to the set-up. The key thing is knowing what works. Slowing down and feeling into each photo, for me, is how its done. That after all is my philosophy:



The photos

Images were required for a PR release so a quick turnaround was needed. I provided a few photos for publicity and while continuing to work of the rest on the portfolio.

The Images were featured in several national publications.

Here at Osprey, we have worked with Tadhg for many years, across many different areas of the hotel. Briefing Tadhg on a project is hassle free as he understands our business and seems to know exactly what is required and more. He is able to interpret our brief perfectly, while always bringing some creative ideas to the shoot. He is well organised and keeps the day moving to plan. The Osprey spa photoshoot was no different. Following an investment of €1.2million, our spa was totally reimagined by celebrity architect Hugh Wallace. It was so important that we captured the beautiful finishes of the area including the curved oak walls, textured wall papers and delicate lighting. We also wanted to capture the sense of calm and tranquility that clients experience when they visit the spa. Tadhg’s beautiful images bring our spa to life for people who have yet to visit. The lighting and mood in the photos depicts the tranquil experience of a treatment in the spa. Of equal importance, Tadhg turns the images around really quickly, expertly editing them to perfect the final shot. We would highly recommend him.
Joanna Doyle
Group Sales & Marketing Manager

The Result

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"We could not recommend him more for any project. Our sincere thanks and gratitude Tadhg."
Joe Salam
Block T Co Founder

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