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Your Frequently Asked Questions

All quotes are customised to scope of project. Please get in touch for a quick consultation and I will be happy to quote you.

The decision is yours of course. If you like the natural style of my photos, and you feel I will be a good fit for your project (see process of photoshoot & testimonials) then please get in touch with Tadhg Nathan Photography

I travel throughout Ireland and overseas.

Think about how you would like your business, property or event to be seen. I’ve outlined the process to prepare here [hyperlink]. As always I will consult with you on specifics.

Travel expenses will be added based on distance, duration and overnight stay if needed.

This depends on a couple of factors mainly how much prep is done beforehand and whether you want a specialist shoot with a few signature promotional photos or a comprehensive (e.g. property) portfolio of shots for a website. With proper prep for a hotel shoot we can achieve approx. 50 shots in a day. Highly stylised photos will take 1 hr+ each to prepare and shoot.

Images are typically delivered 1-2 weeks from shoot day. This depends on scope of shoot. When photos are needed urgently e.g. PR these can be expedited by prior agreement.

It depends on the scope of the photoshoot. For a hotel shoot the minimum would be photographer, marketing person to consult on shot details and duty manager to manage resources in preparation of shoot. For an extensive property shoot many people may be needed e.g. to set a ballroom. Consider involving a stylist whom you work with to help set things.

In a world where images are everywhere, professional photos are your shop window and will help you stand out from the crowd. A full-time professional photographer should be registered and insured. Tadhg Nathan Photography is registered with the IPPVA (Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association) in addition to other specialist photographer associations.

It all depends on what you want to convey to the viewer. I can provide a list of suggestions that will suit your particular needs.

Some types of photos will benefit from a professional model e.g. a spa shoot showing various treatments on offer. Other photos using staff members in their roles can work well. The key to choosing employees as models is to pick photogenic people that are happy to have a bit of fun posing for a few shots. Natural photos vs obviously staged photos will connect more with customers. It’s also possible to create beautiful atmospheric shots without any models. As always consultation with your photographer (Tadhg Nathan Photography) on branding and what you want to convey is a must.

If weather is important then I recommend close coordination between mutual schedules while keeping a close eye on forecast. Where possible a shoot can be broken into indoor / outdoor parts. On longer shoots 1-2 days the timetable of the shot-list can be adjusted with changes in weather.

"We could not recommend him more for any project. Our sincere thanks and gratitude Tadhg."
Joe Salam
Block T Co Founder

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