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I have extensively detailed the process I follow for successful photoshoots on my website. The general process I follow can be found here 

I have also detailed specific processes for event photography, PR photography, Commercial photography among others e.g. event photography specific process can be seen here

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Staff profile photos / photo days

There are a few options to consider regarding the style of head shots of your staff. Do you want a neutral background (e.g. white)? Would you prefer a contextual photo of staff in the workplace? 

I recommend natural light photos of staff with a welcoming smile. Where possible these can be done at your workplace. This style of photography will add to the story of your business and help customers feel more of a connection with the University and what you offer.

More formal neutral photos may be more appropriate, depending on target audience.

As with all photo shoots I will consult with you on what will work best for you e.g. a faculty might want all headshots done with a lab in background, etc.

 Examples can be viewed in my portfolio below.

The best process to follow is to:

  • Agree style
  • Determine # photos
  • Agree schedule with individuals / departments
  • Set up remote studio
  • Arrange teams by timeslot
  • Take photos of individuals
  • Allow approx. 5 mins per subject

Portfolio: Staff headshots / Students / Campus life

Building / Campus Photography


My advice is to do a complete walkthrough of all areas to be photographed and look with your OCD glasses on! I am happy to consult on all preparation, as and when needed.

Bringing a critical eye to every detail will save time on the day of the shoot. What needs to be addressed in advance of the photoshoot? Lights all working? Windows clean? Property exterior swept? Painting? Signage? Weather? Scaffolding? Time taken to ensure details are in order will translate to showcase images you will be proud to have on your website.


Wide shots are great to show off your spaces e.g. architecture; lecture halls; conference capacity; common areas, recreation areas. Think too of details as close-up photos are great for atmosphere. Sometimes the story you want to tell can be done with an atmospheric close-up rather than a wide photo. I recommend a mix of both.

What are the unique features of Maynooth University? Showcase architecture / interior design. What artwork is on display? Are there items of historical significance? Consider photos of faculty, staff and students interacting in these spaces. Smiling faces are great photos to have in your portfolio.

Are there walks nearby? Sports areas? Scenery?  These photos will all add character. Night shots can work very well too.

Portfolio: Campus Buildings

Event Photography

There is a wide range of events that come under the umbrella of event photography. It may be a student/faculty gathering with speakers and awards. It could be a band on stage. It might be an exhibition, a show or an art opening.  Event photographer covers everything where people gather to speak, celebrate, socialise, recognise, play sport or simply have fun.

Event photography is mostly documentary photography. You may want images of your event to show to the press, for your publications or simply a record of a happening for the people involved. In any case, a record of your event capturing the essence and atmosphere is a must. In this context a few formal shots of people and highlights will add to the overall story.

There are 3 important aspects to covering events:

  • Capturing the experience and atmosphere – the vital part of documentary photography of your event is having a photographer skilled in capturing natural images. These skills are more art than science, involving an interpersonal understanding, to be present and take pictures without interrupting the people or proceedings. Apart from the people, there is the venue, how the location is set-up, any art of display and the lighting. Images of these will complete the atmospheric record. The portfolio of photography will connect with viewers and be a wonderful record of your happening. They can be used to promote future events and attract more people to what you are planning next.


  • Photographing key moments / highlights. Key moments might be an award given, a speech, a highlight on stage. These moments are usually known beforehand so I will liaise with MU to understand these. Key moments are also the unplanned moments – the reactions, emotional moments and fun. I will be paying attention, ready and able to capture these moments too.


  • Photography of main people involved. These are usually posed on stage e.g. award been given in front of a banner with logo. These shots can also be done as cocktail party style photos that showcase guests at a particular college event

Portfolio: eVENTS


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