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There is a wide range of events that come under the umbrella of event photography. It may be a corporate gathering with speakers and awards. It could be a band on stage. It might be a festival, a trade show or an art opening.  Event photographer covers everything where people gather to celebrate, socialise, recognise or simply have fun.

Event photography is mostly documentary photography. You may want images of your event to show to the press, or your customers or simply a record of a happening for the people involved. In any case, a record of your event capturing the essence and atmosphere is a must. In this context a few formal shots of people and highlights will add to the overall story.

At the start of my career in photography I took on a project to document the activities happening at BlockT Studios. This provided me with wonderful opportunities to develop my skills at documentary photography. You can see some of the images here [hyperlink]. I regularly had to shoot in near-dark conditions, on-stage, back-stage, in many varied locations, without disturbing performers and attendees. It was a wonderful experience to see so many great artists during the 5 years I worked with them. I bring these skills with me to every event I shoot. As always, the shoot will be tailored to your specific needs.

I learned that there are 3 important aspects to covering events:

The Event Photography Process

Capturing the experience and the feeling of the event

the vital part of documentary photography of your event is having a photographer skilled in capturing natural images. These skills are more art than science, involving an interpersonal understanding, to be present and take pictures without interrupting the people or proceedings. Apart from the people, there is the venue, how the location is set-up, any art of display and the lighting. Images of these will complete the atmospheric record. The portfolio of photography will connect with viewers and be a wonderful record of your happening. They can be used to promote future events and attract more people to what you are planning next.

Photographing the key moments and highlights

Key moments might be an award given, a speech, a highlight on stage. These moments are usually known beforehand and it’s wise to brief your photographer for these. Key moments are also the unplanned moments – the reactions, emotional moments and fun. A skilled photographer will be paying attention, ready and able to capture these moments too.

Capturing the main people involved

In my experience a lot of people may not like to have their photo taken but they do like to see nice images of themselves. Letting your photographer know who is who at the start of your event will allow ample opportunity to get some great candid shots of the main participants.

"We could not recommend him more for any project. Our sincere thanks and gratitude Tadhg."
Joe Salam
Block T Co Founder

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