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Food Photographer

Great food photography makes your mouth water. It makes people want to visit your restaurant or buy your produce. If people can see themselves in the photo enjoying your food then a connection has been made! 

The Ingriedients of Great Food Photography

Set the Scene

Ambience is also key to making the connection with your potential clients. Consider what makes your restaurant or bar special. The furniture and art on the walls can be used to add to the story of the food. Candles and fireplaces can help tell the story. A small vase of flowers can also work very well

Show Your Best

What are your signature dishes? Your best dessert? Is it romantic dinners, families or friends get togethers you are targeting.

What colour plates look best with each dish? Polishes glasses and new cutlery will add pop and sparkle to the photos. What drinks, wine, water or beer will be needed?

Having considered all of the above a shot list (as detailed in process here) will be helpful in organising everything and ensure nothing is forgotten. As always I’m here to consult on all aspects of the preparation.

When all the preparation is done the next step is the shoot itself.


The Food Shoot

Chefs are always busy so agreeing in advance a time window for the shoot is essential. It’s equally important to only plate up food immediately before being photographed. Food sitting under a hot lamp, even for a very short time, will not photograph as well as freshly plated dishes.

Natural light will bring out the best in every dish. A table can be chosen where the light is best. Then it’s a matter of setting up the table so it’s ready. Time taken in advance to do this will speed up the overall time to shoot each dish. When the table is ready then the signal can be given to the chef to being plating up the first dish. While this is being shot the chef can prepare the 2nd dish etc. In this way you will have beautiful shots of fresh food every time.

"We could not recommend him more for any project. Our sincere thanks and gratitude Tadhg."
Joe Salam
Block T Co Founder

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