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I love hospitality. Taking care of people. What’s better than that!! 

There is so much to say about hotel and interiors photography I don’t know where to begin! 

The best place to start is by saying the quality and quantity of images is all down to the preparation that is done beforehand. I’ve written a photoshoot guide here which explains the process for every shoot. 

Please read that first and then come back here as I go into a few specifics for the hospitality industry.

The Hotel Photoshoot process

Scope of Project

The first step is to decide the scope of your project. You may be building a new website and need a complete property shoot. In this case you will likely be looking for a portfolio of images and the photoshoot can be 1+ days in length. In this case maximising the number of quality images during the timeframe will be a key priority.

A smaller project could be to capture a few signature images synonymous with your property. A styled Christmas shoot or an afternoon tea for a brochure or social media promotion could be what you need. In this case you it’s advisable to take time to stage strong images that you can use for years to come.


My advice is to do a complete walkthrough of all areas to be photographed and look with your OCD glasses on!

Bringing a critical eye to every detail will save time on the day of the shoot. What needs to be addressed in advance of the photoshoot? Military bedsheets? Curtains? lightbulbs all working? window cleaning? Property exterior? Time taken to ensure details are in order will translate to showcase images you will be proud to have on your website.

Choose Your Shot

Wide shots are great to show off your spaces e.g. wedding banquet; conference capacity; ornate décor. Think too of details as close-up photos are great for atmosphere. Sometimes the story you want to tell can be done with an atmospheric close-up rather than a wide room photo. I recommend a mix of both.


I recommend a walk-through with housekeeping on the morning of the shoot. Any changes can then be done in advance of photography. Many times adjustments to linen are recommended as anything less than perfect can really stand out in your photos.

Consider too room lighting and view from windows. Where possible showing a view will greatly add to your bedroom images and showcase your location.

Who is your target market? Couples, families, business people? Staging the room with props for each market segment will give you more diverse options for your marketing.

Room details and lighting. Strategically placed furniture, decorative ornaments and lamps can greatly enhance atmosphere.

Function Rooms

If you are planning to shoot a function room as a wedding banquet and also for a conference I recommend starting as a wedding and later as a conference. 

For wedding / banquet set-up I recommend finishing tables with centerpieces & flowers as it is better to show what is possible over the blank canvas you may offer to wedding couples.


Spas offer lots of opportunity for atmospheric photography. Consider using models receiving treatments / relaxing. Candles are a must and can be used in lots of locations.

Consider too the process of someone visiting your spa: arrival in reception; consultation; relaxation; massage; facial; steam room; sauna; perhaps buying some of your beauty products. You might also like to stage a few photos with props for social media campaigns during the year e.g. Christmas theme.


What are the unique features of your reception area? Showcase architecture / interior design. What artwork is on display? Are there items of historical significance? Consider photos of guests being served coffee / drinks. Shots of guest arriving and checking in. A welcome smiling face is a great photo to have in your shop window.


Where is your property located? Are there walks nearby? Great views? Showcasing your grounds (or nearby green area) will add character. Do you offer outdoor wedding ceremonies? Night shots can work very well too.

Staff Photos

Staff photos will greatly add to the welcome guests will feel at your hotel. A nice idea is to capture images of employees in the context of the work that they do i.e. chef plating up food, housekeeper in bedroom, waitress serving coffee / drink, receptionist checking in / providing local info to guest.

Specialist Promotion

You may run different marketing campaigns during the year so taking the time during a shoot to stage a few promotional photos will ensure you have them when needed. When your hotel is decorated for Christmas you might like to arrange a shoot to capture promotional images for the following year. Other promotional ideas are afternoon tea and a romantic dinner table.


I recommend choosing some staff and members who will be happy to be photographed taking a class. You can choose a few of these people to work out on machines or even have a consultation with an instructor.

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