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Whether it’s a couple of posed PR shots to highlight a launch or a suite of images capturing the fun of your event Tadhg Nathan photography is here to help. The story you want to tell is what PR photography is all about. WHO, WHAT, WHERE AND WHY. One image may be all you need. You may prefer a set of images capturing attendees enjoying an event for a more natural feel.

The PR Photography Process

The main people involved

Who are the main people involved? Is there a presentation? Why are you using these people in the shot? The context and actions of the people involved will do a lot to tell the story. Consider the context of the photo too. e.g. do you have a backdrop with company info / logo / brand. Using props or hand-held signs should also be considered.

The location

If you are launching a new service, festival, product or event then the photo should incorporate as many aspects of these as possible. Where is this happening? A photo with that clear will capture more attention. If it’s an event then photos of the activity and people enjoying themselves will greatly help get your message across.

The story

Why are you looking for PR? What is in your press release? It could be a simple as showing a public figure meeting your client. For a more nuanced marketing campaign then telling as much of the story in the photo(s) is a must. The message can be conveyed in many ways – it doesn’t all have to be staged photos with props! Strong and fresh images will always catch more attention than tried and tested formulae.

The shoot

Be sure everyone is prepared! Communicating, in advance, to all involved what the story is and what everyone needs to do will do wonders is helping create a relaxed and fun photo experience.

"We could not recommend him more for any project. Our sincere thanks and gratitude Tadhg."
Joe Salam
Block T Co Founder

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